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September 3rd 2019

The pop-off SPD pedals set has been the most-requested of any Flatbike product–and the toughest to keep in stock, because it’s super-hard to find. Savvy cyclists snapped up our entire supply months ago.

So we went big, ordered hundreds of them from the manufacturer…and then needed to wait nearly half a year for delivery! Now all that is behind us, and we’ve got these sets available for immediate delivery to you.

What are pop-off SPD pedals?

Pop-off pedals are pedals that can be removed easily in a few seconds without any tools. Second-generation pop-off pedals even include a locking mechanism so the pedals can’t come off even if you hit the latch while riding.

Technically, these are SPD mountain bike pedals, but at least in our discussions at the Bike Expo NY, even road bikers tended to prefer this model, as it is double-sided and easier to get in/out of in unpredictable traffic or signals.

What’s the big deal about pop-off SPD pedals?

Actually, there are four big deals, depending upon how you use your bike.

1. EASIER BIKE TRANSPORTATION. So you’re putting all the bikes for your family or friends on a car for a quick trip. At least, that’s the plan. But really, most of your time at both ends of the trip is spent trying to synchronize all the pedals, so the bikes fit closely together and nobody’s prized possession loses a great paint job.

Or, maybe you’re fortunate enough to have a spacious enough car that your bike can lie down comfortably across the entire car bed…balanced on a pedal that constantly catches and scratches the upholstery, making the in/out process a pain.

When you have pop-off pedals that come off in three seconds with no tools, all that annoyance goes away.

Many bikes in a small space

One car with 16 pedals that each have to be managed for placement…or not, if you’ve got SPD pop-offs.

2. EASIER BIKE STORAGE. Once you’re off your bike, those protruding pedals and handlebars become a silent danger point for anyone walking around it. Pop-off pedals, or even better, a Flatten Your Bike kit, eliminate that inconvenience. You can even slip easily into a full bike rack outside a building.

Bike folded behind a door

Combine pop-off pedals with a folding stem, and your bike can fit against any wall or behind any door.

3. EASIER PEDAL SWAPPING. Sometimes you want to go for a long ride in clip-in cycling shoes. Other times, you may just want to ride across the campground in comfy shoes. Or loan your bike to a family member who doesn’t use clips.

Now you don’t need a wrench for all that. Just swap pop-off pedals faster than you can swap shoes.

4 pop-off pedals

What type of pedals would you swap to occasionally if it were fast and easy?

4. FEWER SCARS. You’re walking your bike, maybe in a big crowd like at the end of a riding event, and what do you need to watch out for? Your own bike. Protect your inside shin by holding your bike at arm’s length, or fixing the inside pedal for or aft so you don’t hit it…until you forget and take a bigger step.

Better yet, just pop it off, stick it in your pocket, and walk normally.

Is it easy to install?

Absolutely. The toughest part is getting your existing pedals off, which requires either a specialized wrench designed for pedals or a really cheap, thin wrench. Here’s step-by-step how to put pop-off pedals on your bike without a trip to the local bike shop.

Each kit contains two pedals (No, we can’t convert your existing pedals to this design), two latches with locks, locking washers, standard washers, and new SPD shoe inserts for optimal fit (You may or may not need them, but you’ve got them anyway).

Elements of an SPD pop-off pedal set

Here’s what you get in a set of SPD pop-off pedals.

Pop-off pedals play well with…

Other pop-off pedals, for one thing. If you get two sets, you’ve got one set of latches for one bike, and another set for another bike, and pedals you can swap back and forth between them, making BOTH bikes easier to use.

Another recommended add-on is the Flatbike seat bag. You can see a photo of it above in the “bike storage” section. It’s convenient storage for your pedals when they’re off your bike.

And finally, a THINstem folding bike stem turns your bars 90 degrees to make your existing bike as flat as possible. The “bike storage” photo above is also a good example of that.


THINstem folding stem in action

Fold any bike flat. It’s this easy.

Are you ready to make your bike more convenient?

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