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June 28th 2017

Flatbike sells on the internet and ships worldwide, with emphasis on free shipping to the US and Canada, but yes, we do have a real shop as well, in the scenic Pacific Northwestern United States.

We’re now located in the Totem Lake area of Kirkland, east of Lake Washington.

If you’re elsewhere in the country, a store in the Seattle metro area may not be of much use. Except we’re not a store; we’re a shipping office, constantly sending bikes and components across North America, with occasional sales to three other continents.

Our neighbors in the Totem Commercial Center are getting used to seeing lots of boxes coming and going.

Here’s what you’ll find inside.

We stock dozens of different combinations of folding commuter bikes, rugged hybrids, mountain bikes and frames, each in three different sizes… along with enough Shimano and other components to assemble two of our own models in-house.

You’ll see supplies for shows, like the Seattle Bike Show, Olympia Pedal Power show, Bike Expo NY, Arlington Air Show, and anything else that we can make time for (or is still active after all this social distancing).


This is also where we do all our communication and ad planning, based on the messages that customers have shared with us.

But the real magic happens here.

This room is where we meticulously open every box and do a 90-minute, 14-point quality-check on every bike we ship out. So wherever you are in the US or Canada, you know that your frame and components have been checked and tuned for an optimal riding experience on your new bike.

We also have a selection of demo bikes across different sizes and models. If you are in the area and want a test ride, just call us first to make sure we’re not out at UPS or a bike show and to set up a time:  425-985-6219.

If we’re nor building bikes or prepping bikes or keeping track of inventory, you’ll often find us on the phone, answering random cycling questions to help our make cycling easier. Will a full-size bike fit in the trunk of a Smart Car or in a boat hold? (Yes) How can I ride a bike through goathead thorns without a flat? (Tannus Armour). Can I fold my existing bike flat against the garage wall? (Yes). Will a folded mountain bike fit in the storage bay of a 50-year-old, 80 hp private plane? (We’re still figuring that out together…)

How can we help you make cycling easier?

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