The ultimate campus bike flies quickly from dorm to classes and back, then slides easily into tight spaces at either end. Normal laws of bike space and time don’t apply to you.

How is that possible? Well, for starters…

Go from this… …to this… …in 30 seconds.

The CHANGE 702 is a sporty, full-size, 24-speed, 23-pound hydroformed aluminum bike that folds out of the way when needed. We call it “house trained.” So you can keep it safely in your room with ease.

Of course, this also means that you can fit it in any Uber trunk and go on weekend adventures, or ride a long way and take a taxi back.

Then we add the Student Value Pack to fit it into a busy campus environment:

  • Revelo folding stem (a $69 value): Even when you don’t fold your bike in half, this instantly turns your handlebars 90 degrees to fit into classroom bike racks that are already full–except for you.

  • Gatorskin reinforced tires (an $80 value per set): A layer of Kevlar (the stuff that stops bullets) protects your tires from thorns, random road debris and flats.

  • Mini-morph pump (a $40 value): Tires getting a little low? Now you can fix it anywhere.
  • M-wave rear rack with clamp (a $40 value): Load it up with books, boxes, groceries, or pannier bags for hauling in any weather.

That’s $229 in useful add-ons, available to you for just $29, when you order a CHANGE 702 bike during the month of September, add the Student Value Pack, and enter the code CAMPUS2018.

How will you use your new CHANGE 702 ultimate campus bike?

It fits your life, makes biking easier, and now, there’s never been a better time to get it!

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Folding a CHANGE bike.

From riding to folded in just half a minute? How does THAT work? See for yourself…


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Your everyday bike…that folds in half.

But it’s not just convenient. It’s a 23-lb bike that’s optimized for your ride, with 24 speeds of Shimano gearing on a sporty, hydroformed, aluminum frame that’s simply fun to get out on.

And bikes that are more fun and convenient to ride get ridden more.

If you don’t have a car trunk to fit it in, the included carrying bag works as well, whether carrying or storing.

Bikes in Carry Bag   

A bike that gets stored inside also lasts longer. It’s a lasting investment in transportation and health.

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Other than being uniquely awesome, it’s just a normal bike.

Want a rack? Any off-the-shelf rack will fit. So will your spare 700C tubes and tires.

And if you’re a serious cyclist who rides with favorite pedals for clip-in shoes, you could grab a wrench and add those. But first, check this out…

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The Flatbike guarantee.

At Flatbike, we understand that buying a quality bike on the internet, instead of through a bike store, takes a leap of faith. So we meet you halfway, with these commitments so you have the positive experience you expect of your local bike shop.

  • Free advice. Need to figure out what size is right for you? Just call or e-mail (425-985-6219 or
  • Free shipping in the US and Canada. Just like your local bike shop, except delivered right to your home.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. If the bike isn’t right for you, just return it.
  • Lifetime frame warranty. The manufacturer has a 5-year warranty on CHANGE frames, but we ride these bikes and we know them. So Flatbike extends that to a lifetime warranty.

Ready to make your biking easier? Order a CHANGE 702 commuting bike today!

Bob Forgrave,

President, Flatbike

Biking made easier.

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