Thanks–and three rewards–for your support!

Flatbike Guarantee

April 29th 2016

By Bob Forgrave

It’s now been five months since we introduced the CHANGE Bike line of high-performance folding bikes, and we’ve just placed another order for more bikes. Thanks for your enthusiastic support! That extra “time in the saddle” as distributors of CHANGE Bike hybrids and mountain bikes has allowed new developments in three areas as we’ve settled in, and all of them are relevant to you.

Unique place in the bike market.

Folding bikes have been around since 1887, and there are many folding bikes cheaper in many ways than a CHANGE Bike. There are also other performance bikes in the market at similar prices, with the perfect combination of lightness, certified-reliable frame, an extremely useful gear range, and high-quality components. But both characteristics haven’t been available in one bike until now. Through extensive riding and discussions, we’ve learned that this is one amazing bike design that’s different from a folding bike; it’s a performance bike that folds.

This testing period has allowed us to now introduce three customer-focused benefits for CHANGE Bike purchasers:


1. Flatbike 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

It can be scary to buy a bike from the Internet, never having seen or ridden it. It was certainly scary for me! But now that we personally own two CHANGE Bikes, and we know how they change what you can do with a bike–my daughter calls it “the everywhere bike”, both for the hill-climbing and the folding–we want you to experience this first-hand as well.

So if, in the first month after receiving your new bike, you are unsatisfied in any way, you can return it for a full refund. All your risk just went away.


2. Flatbike Lifetime Frame Warranty

After riding  these bikes through, around, and over obstacles, we are impressed with the only folding frame in the world to pass the industry-standard EN 14766 reliability testing for mountain bikes (CHANGE Bike ruggedized hybrid and mountain bikes) or EN14781 testing for road bikes (CHANGE Bike hybrid). We are impressed enough to offer our own Flatbike distributor’s warranty for the lifetime of the frame against design failure. If the frame fails, we replace it for free. End of story.

Obviously, this won’t help if you leave your bike in the driveway and drive over it, but it definitely takes away all the risk of riding it the way you’d ride a rugged mountain bike. Because that’s exactly what it is.


3. Lower prices

Now that we’ve settled in, it turns out we can streamline our pricing in this memorable way, cutting the selling price of each bike by $50-120 dollars, depending on the model. This isn’t a sale price; it’s the new and established price of CHANGE Bikes from Flatbike. And remember…Flatbike shipping is FREE in the United States.


Together, these make it easier than ever to get on a CHANGE Bike and change your relationship with the bike while the summer is still young.

Fear no hill!


2 responses to “Thanks–and three rewards–for your support!”

  1. Shelagh Moss says:

    I bought a pair of pop off pedals. The kind with the red aluminum part that you raise to pop the pedal on and off. They have fallen off six times now. They go on securely. I cannot pull them off. But while riding they suddenly pop off. I think this is not a good design. If your foot twists even a little while riding, it can lift the red thing up and as the foot comes down, the pedal pops right off. I also purchased two other flat bike pedals and these stay on securely. I use the pair with the red plastic ring that slides to lock on my mountain bike and it stays on nicely. I also have the pair with the yellow rubber washer that you clip on to keep the pedal secure. These work till the washer wears out.

    • Bob Forgrave says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Shelagh. The first generation Wellgo pop-off pedals with the pull-out red latch work great for most folks, not so great for others. This is why we’re gradually transitioning to the 2nd generation pop-off pedals with the black locking ring. They’re more expensive to procure, but we think worth it. Expect to see our whole add-on pedal line migrate to that, and we’re encouraging Changebike to do that for new bikes as well.

      Your assessment of the yellow-washer pedal design is interesting. This is the same model that we currently have on clearance, so a good deal there for somebody.


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