Three improvements over folding pedals

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April 22nd 2016

By Bob Forgrave

I wrote about pedals a couple of months ago, but there’s a been a lot of interest, so a follow-up article seemed in order. I’m actually a fan of folding pedals over standard pedals, and one of my bikes still has them, but there are three good reasons why pop-off pedals are the next step in riding convenience.

1. Pop-off pedals disappear better.

If you’re looking at folding pedals, there’s a reason. Maybe you’re tired of the uber-precise alignment needed to get several bikes and their interlocking pedals onto a single bike rack into close quarters. Or maybe you keep catching your shins on the jagged edges of a standard pedal and want something more friendly to apartments, garages, and cubicles.

Either way, pop-off pedals take the solution one step further.

At best, a folded pedal collapses to 50% of the previous width. So it’s 50% less likely to scratch or get in the way.

Fold1 Fold2

Compare this to a pop-off pedal that reduces to just over 10% — and a non-dangly 10% at that!


2. Pop-off pedals weigh less.

That folding capability comes at a weight cost of approximately 30-50% extra hardware. Not so with a pop-off pedal. This makes a pop-off pedal a useful addition to any type of bike. But there’s one more advantage of pop-off pedals that we just have to show on video for the full effect…

3. Pop-off pedals are quick-change artists.

Suppose you have a bike that you share; one person prefers toe cages and the other doesn’t. Normally, that means someone loses out and has to “make do” with the other person’s riding preference. Or maybe you have two preferences–one for long, efficient road rides and the other for unpredictable, squirrely trail rides where cages are less useful. Swap outs take too much time, so they just don’t happen.

But suppose it took just 8 seconds per pedal…

With pedals that convenient, it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t have them!


2 responses to “Three improvements over folding pedals”

  1. Mark Wildey says:

    Your site had one pedal it offers under pop off. What if I want to go from your flat pedal to clip in. I ride from sand to single track to asphalt and have need for pedal switching, clip on back and forth.

    • Bob Forgrave says:

      This is a known need that we’ve been looking to fill for the past 18 months. MKZ had a removable SPD pedal, but it was discontinued. Once we find an alternative, we will carry it. Until then, the main advantage is switching from pedals with cages to pedals without. Not the same, but a start…

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