New life for for old tires and tubes


November 13th 2019

Sooner or later, it happens to all of us. Flat tire? It’s faster to swap out that leaky inner tube than to fix it and check for air pressure. But that tube is still a great back-up in case you don’t have a new tube later.

And eventually, you’ve got a collection of old bad tubes. Maybe even some old, worn-out tires. What can you do with those?

Art to the rescue…

Five amazing new uses for inner tubes.

Is there anything you can’t make a basket out of? All you need is a bunch of long, flexible strips for weaving–perfect for strips of rubber inner tube.

And you know what you can fill these up with? That collection of all those old inner tubes!

Baskets aren’t fancy, but with just a little trim…

…you can go out on the town feeling like a supermodel with this inner tube purse. Tyre Banks, maybe?

As long as you’re getting dressed up to go out, might as well add something stylish.

Take your breath away with this cutout necklace made out of deflated inner tubes…

…and maybe a set of feather-light earrings.

If none of that appeals to you, there’s always a full-on Joan of Arc outfit.

The ultimate in road rash prevention.

And that’s only the beginning.

If you thought artwork from craftspeople on Etsy was amazing, wait until we put tires in the hands of a professional sculptor like Hong Kong artist Yong Ho Ji.

1. Shark Attack.


2. Sabretooth Bear


3. Red Ram


4. Peaceful Zebra


5. Roaring Lion


If you really enjoyed looking at Yong Ho Ji’s work, look at his auction website.

And do something with that growing stash of old ties and inner tubes, OK?

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