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June 13th 2019

Sometime in 2018, we decided to start working with TrustPilot on reviews–you know, those surveys you get nowadays when you purchase a product or service… for companies that care about quality, anyway. Now, after about a year of this, and an overall rating of “Excellent, 9.5 out of 10”, we have two observations to make:

  1. Thank you for your time and your passion. We are grateful and humbled by the level of detail in your reviews.
  2. We still don’t entirely know what we’re doing with TrustPilot reviews…

Your reviews amaze and inspire us.


If you’ve ever wondered whether your TrustPilot review actually gets read, we can assure you that we read and internalize every one. And a surprising number of interested purchasers who correspond with Flatbike have also done the same thing. According to the TrustPilot site, your reviews have been seen over 25,000 times.

The unedited “mother lode” of all reviews is at, but here are some quick verbatim excerpts from the types of reviews we’re getting:


  • “If I could give 10 stars I would! I purchased a ChangeBike 702 from so that I could have a full sized folding bike that I could store easily in my apartment… The bike arrived within days tuned and ready to ride with minimal assembly required — a metric allen wrench set was included along with some spare parts. After my first spin around Central Park I must say, the bike is AWESOME!!!! I highly recommend! Thanks so much for a great purchasing experience!!” Seth S


  • “It is magical. The included bag is already exhibiting the tender ministrations of Alaska Airlines baggage handlers but it made it unscathed from Seattle to Palm Springs where I rode it to the top of Chaco Canyon and beyond. I cruised at about 17-20mph…and barreled downhill close to 40+ with nary a wobble. The bike is completely uncompromised in practice. No vibrations, wobbles or issues of ANY kind…   I love it. Customer service was fantastic. Questions answered, bike delivered in perfect built and tested shape. I’m still kind of amazed I never heard of this bike till now.” Frank OConnor


  • “I purchased the 702 to break up my Midwest commute for health reasons. Everything arrived exactly as described, including helpful notes. The owner has taken a well-made niche product and distributes it with a very thoughtful package. All OEM add-on parts with an integrated function? Comes standard. All the tools you need for service? My box had a full allen key set gratis. Furthermore, just check the blog to see how much effort is being spent on compatibility support.” BJI

You’ve raised Flatbike to the top 20% of two entire categories on TrustPilot: all bicycle shops and all bike accessory sellers.

Part of the strength of TrustPilot is that companies can’t “game the system”. Our rating and our overall ranking are all yours, created together by every Flatbike customer who took the time to document their experiences for others to follow. So if you’ve done this, take a victory lap. It’s working!

And yet, we still don’t fully understand reviews.


Take another, closer look at the reviews above, and you’ll notice a subtle point. Like Flatbike itself, they make almost no distinction between product and service. Our 15-point quality check to make sure your bike works from the moment you open the box–is that a product feature or a service feature? Who cares? It’s part of Flatbike customer care.

At Flatbike, we’re in the solutions business, trying to match you up with the right full-size folding bike to get you out and exploring, get you back on a bike for health and fitness reasons, or make your existing bike riding a whole lot more convenient. That doesn’t always match up with a “reviews” view of the world. Here’s how it’s a problem…

How many reviews: 1 or 8? It depends upon how you count.

Review invitations from TrustPilot cover two areas–product and service. Normally the service is somewhat perfunctory–did the salesperson avoid being rude, did the item ship quickly in an unbroken box, etc.. But when there is no dividing line between product and service, the response typically ends up as a glowing product + service review, submitted under service.

This is how we can sell dozens of the 702 bike, get lots of great and detailed reviews about it, yet have only one official review on the 702 product page.

We also know that TrustPilot has tons of online widgets, gadgets, and doohickeys for sharing your reviews more widely on social media and beyond. Maybe sometime we’ll have time to learn about all that. In the meantime, we’ll probably just use the Image Generator every now and then with a gem of yours…

Thanks, Ron!

What this means for you.


If you’re considering a bike–and not the new CHANGE 811, 812, or 809, which nobody has ridden yet–there are probably a lot more reviews of it than you see on the product page. Go right to the source, to TrustPilot’s Flatbike page, and there’s the unfiltered perspective of the whole experience for your bike, filed under “service”.

If you recently got a bike or component from Flatbike, and you’re looking at that TrustPilot review invitation in your inbox, may we ask a favor? Feel free to combine product and service, just like we do, but file it under the product you bought. People will get the idea about our service, and your comments will probably carry even more influence tied to the bike or component you’re using.

Thanks for your passion, and we’ll see you on the road!

Bob Forgrave,
President, Flatbike

Biking made easier.


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