Special offer for August only

Dozens of popular bikes just arrived (more on that below). Now the Flatbike shipping office is packed with new bikes that need to move. So here’s the deal.

In our office, we’ve also got a nice collection of carbon fiber water bottle cages. They weigh just one ounce and will keep your water bottle free of all that grey powder that comes off of traditional aluminum water bottle cages and gets all over your hands.

Even a white water bottle stays pristine with this.

Every bike ordered from Flatbike on or before Monday, August 21 gets a carbon fiber water bottle cage for FREE (a $40 value).

Shipping is free in the US and Canada. Bikes ordered from Flatbike typically ship within three days and arrive within a week.

A QUICK NOTE ABOUT ORDERING: We’ve had a couple of orders come in recently with pop-of pedals added. Those come standard with all CHANGE Bikes, so no added components are needed!

Which bikes?

The offer applies to all models of CHANGE bikes we carry, but this shipment was particularly heavy in three models.

The 612 mountain bike has been uniquely hard to keep in stock. When we first started carrying it in the late spring, based on customer recommendations, the entire shipment sold out in less than a week.

So we tripled the order. Last week, we packed two cargo van loads last week, full of 612s and some missing sizes of rugged hybrids and commuter bikes. We made 44 trips up the steps into our storage area. And we shipped out all pre-orders placed while the ship was enroute.

And just like that, we’re out of the largest size of 612 already. We have three other sizes, but if you’re 6’2″ or over, your 612 is on next month’s shipment.

Here’s what we had in these two cargo loads and the top-selling features of each.

CHANGE 612 mountain bike

The CHANGE 612 is a mountain bike that folds up and is ruggedness-certified like the lower-end 609. But that’s where the differences end. The 612 has three more speeds, weighs two pounds less, has FOX air shocks, knobby 2.1 tires, Shimano Deore gearing and (my favorite) hydraulic brakes.

CHANGE 611 rugged hybrid

The CHANGE 611 rugged hybrid is perfect for touring or everyday rough riding, particularly on roads or gravel. It features 27 speeds, disc brakes and a carbon fork. We’re now well stock on this (even if you’re over 6’2″).


The CHANGE 702 commuter hybrid is a 23-pound, 24-speed hybrid that is perfect for paved roads and gets small at both ends of your commute. This order was mainly to fill in the gaps, as this bike comes in two colors each of four different sizes. It’s the least expensive of all CHANGE folding bikes.

Which type of riding appeals to you?

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