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For the past few months, we’ve been working diligently on a major website upgrade–one that even included a change from to, among other changes. But four improvements in particular have clear benefits for you:

1. Solve familiar issues.

Ultimately, Flatbike is a different type of bike company. We can’t just build up a frame with the latest components and call it a win; we win only when we’ve helped you solve a specific need that other bikes simply can’t address!

And after a couple of years of discussions with customers and potential customers, we’ve identified six areas where a CHANGE bike can improve your life:

Ultimately, these are very different problems to solve. And each one deserves the space to discuss it properly.

So rather than just splatting out photos of what we’d like to sell, we’ve devoted our prime space to meeting you where you are today. What are you trying to solve?

2. See CHANGE bikes in action.

A CHANGE bike is really two things: a full-size bike for comfortable riding, and a half-size folded bike for convenient storage and transportation.

Even at bike shows, we’ve seen visitors stop and look back and forth between folded and unfolded CHANGE bikes. How does one turn into the other, and how can it happen quickly? Yeah… that takes video or a personal demonstration to share.

So the new site includes a video in nearly every topical discussion above, and several per product, from the super-simple folding video…

To thoughtful opinions on CHANGE bikes from acknowledged experts:

3. Benefit from others’ experience.

There’s safety in numbers. For every person who calls or e-mails and asks a question about CHANGE bikes in various situations, countless others have wondered the same thing. So we capture those questions and answers, making them available in a Frequent Asked Question area, now more convenient than ever.

Got a different question? Just ask!

For the first time, you can also read what previous buyers have said about the buying and ownership experience. Has it met their needs? is now tied directly into the Shopper Approved rating service, so their experience becomes your experience, and you can guide others with your own first-hand impressions.

Flatbike currently has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.

4. Size your bike better.

Size matters…especially when you’re buying a bike on the internet! And not just frame size, but thoughtful assessment of overall height vs. stand-over height (AKA inseam), since we’re not all built the same. What’s the best size for your specific body type?

Now we’ve simplified this across all frames. If you know your leg length, you can get a bike that fits.

5. Get the latest news.

When you know what you want, then it’s all about timing. Did we just get your size and model in? Is there a special deal, like this one in October? After all, who wants to miss out on a great deal on a new bike?

That’s the quick tour. It’s been a journey building the new site, and we hope it now makes your journey to the perfect new bike a little bit easier.

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