Save hundreds on these 5 bikes and international shipping

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to snap up a space-saving CHANGE bike, you can’t do much better than the Winter Sale. Not only are these five popular bikes at their best price ever for everyone, but we just got some excellent international shipping pricing from DHL that can make them more affordable in more countries.

First, the bikes on sale, as proudly displayed by Flatbike customers themselves. All bikes fold down quickly to about 36 x 15″ x 30″ for storage and transport.

The CHANGE 611 rugged hybrid

The CHANGE 611 is the ultimate gravel bike and more.

Your bike won’t come with the custom mods that Ron added above to his bike for bikerafting and bikepacking, but the 26″-wheel CHANGE 611 has proven popular for several years as a rugged everyday, all-season transportation bike. Heck, I’m even riding one this winter in the soggy Seattle area.

  • Original price at introduction: $1,780.
  • Now just $1,480 (a savings of $300), while supplies last. (We have in 17″and 21″, but are already out of 19″).

The CHANGE 612 performance mountain bike

You don’t need a private plane to make the most use of a CHANGE 612. It also works well with car trunks.

It’s strange, but when private pilots buy a CHANGE bike, it’s usually in duplicate–a pair of CHANGE 612 full-size folding mountain bikes. If you’re already disassembling and carrying an MTB in your plane, now you can fit two and share your adventures with someone special, as Russell did above.

  • Original price at introduction: $1,880.
  • Now just $1,480 (a savings of $400), while supplies last. (We still have at least one of each size).

The CHANGE 702 commuter bike

The CHANGE 702 weighs 23 lbs and comes in white, black, or whatever colors you paint it later.

Your CHANGE 702 won’t have a custom paint job, like Dorothy added, but it will have the lightness (just 23 lbs) and speed that made it one of our best sellers when Flatbike first started, with lots of devoted fans today.

  • Original price at introduction: $1,380.
  • Now just $980 (a savings of $400), but we have it left only in 22″ (55cm) for tall folks. (This model will be replaced by the Flatbike Century and Flatbike Road Scholar.)

The CHANGE 811 rugged hybrid

The CHANGE 811 comes in three sizes each of Pine Green, Arctic Blue, and Black. We’ve usually got some of each. If we’re missing a critical combo, just let us know.

This descendant of the 611 now features internal cabling, 27.5″ wheels, and new colors  (shown in pine green). Your CHANGE 811 rugged hybrid won’t have custom mods like the raised bars that Duane added, but it’s nice to know you can do that.

  • Original price at introduction: $1,780.
  • Winter Sale pricing: Now just $1,680 (a savings of $100). Most sizes/colors are currently in stock.

The CHANGE 812 performance mountain bike

The CHANGE 812 features 2 x 10 gearing for just about any terrain.

What better place to keep a 27.5″ wheel MTB than conveniently next to the door? Because…you can. This descendant of the 612 now has internal cabling and new colors  (shown in pine green). And when enjoying a day on the trails with your CHANGE 812, you’ll never have to interrupt a meal to make sure nobody messed with a bike on the outside of your car.

  • Original price at introduction: $1,880.
  • Winter Sale pricing: Now just $1,780 (a savings of $100). Most sizes/colors are currently in stock.

The shipping breakthrough of 2020

If you’re buying in the US or Canada, this section has nothing for you. Shipping is already free. It doesn’t get better than that.

But if you’re reading this from another country, such as Australia or the UK, this is big news. We’ve had discounted, contracted rates on for year now, but we’ve just uncovered another level of discount with DHL spot rates.

A DHL spot rate is a momentary, unannounced, heavily discounted special price. Because it’s good only for a specific moment, it’s not something we can display programmatically on the website. But we can definitely act on your behalf to snag a special shipping price and give you a one-time purchase code that brings the price down to match. Just let us know when you are considering an international bike purchase!

For example, it costs $465.12 to ship a CHANGE bike to the UK. But if we were to grab a spot quote today, it would be hundreds less, at $256.50. That’s within the savings of the CHANGE 611 or CHANGE 612, effectively making your shipping free or better when compared to the original introductory price.

Similarly, shipping a bike from Seattle to Australia is a lofty $623.58. But the spot rate, today only, is just $285! Suddenly, these 611/612 bikes are looking a lot more affordable.


The best pricing ever for all of these bikes is definitely worth a second look!

How much do you want to save?

Bike selection is a personal decision, driven by a lot more than price. But the cost is a factor, and if the savings for a 26″-wheel model are more important than internal cabling and wheel size, then this is a great time to score a great deal on a CHANGE bike while stock remains. Even if you want the latest rugged models, you can still get a 3-figure discount during the Flatbike Winter Sale.

Happy riding, and great savings!

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