Ride anywhere, then fold for transport or storage in under a minute.

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First, it’s a great ride.

CHANGE bikes, from road style to MTBs, look and ride like other performance bikes, with rapid-shift Shimano gearing, sizes to fit different riders, and aluminum frames certified for ruggedness with 100,000 load cycles. Ride on!

It also can go for a ride.

Fold your bike in under a minute and . . . take it to a safe park inside any car, without a rack. Put it on the F Train at rush hour. Use it in your boat to haul provisions. Or go on an adventure and Uber back. Where will you take your CHANGE bike?

And after your ride…

Your bike simply gets out of the way. Take it in an elevator. Store it in a cubicle, a closet, or even a hallway. Put it in your semi cab for quick errands without reparking a truck. Or keep it in your car trunk for spontaneous after-work rides.