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Welcome To Flatbike

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting on your bike and riding off into your next adventure. But first, there’s the matter of convenience. Is your bike designed for great handling and low maintenance? Where will you keep it safely? How will you transport it to great cycling places?

At Flatbike, we focus on portable adventure—the CHANGE line of full-size folding bikes that fit into your lifestyle, whether you’re an urban commuter, off-road adventure lover, or something in-between. We’re CHANGE bike riders ourselves, and we love connecting with customers of all riding abilities. Got a question? Just ask!

Which is your biggest need right now?


My current bike doesn't fit easily where it needs to.


I need a full-size bike that's more portable.

A CHANGE Bike...

Fits in tight spaces

Thanks to an amazing patented latch, a CHANGE bike rides like a performance bike then folds down to 30” by 37” in under a minute. Take it in the elevator easily and add bike commuting or adventure biking to your lifestyle, whether you live in a small apartment or even on a boat.

Is more secure

CHANGE bikes can easily come inside, spend the night in your condo or relax securely post-ride in your car trunk, while all your fellow riders are concerned about their exposed bikes in the parking lot. That’s peace of mind.

Makes spontaneous biking easier

A CHANGE bike doesn’t need a big rig or even a rack to go places. Any car trunk or truck cab will do. Your bike rides inside, and you’ll get better gas mileage too. Have bike, will explore. Carpe diem!

Is made for adventure

Look closely at this latch. Teeth on the frame itself hold the frame together. That’s why the CHANGE frame is the only folding bike to pass ISO-4210 certification, three sets of fatigue tests up to 100,000 repetitions. So go wild. Enjoy portable adventure.


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