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About Us

Bob founder of FlatbikeHi, I’m Bob.

Probably like you, I grew up on a bike. An indestructible (and heavy) Schwinn Varsity road bike was my only means of transportation up through college. But after that, even I fell into the familiar US adult routine of taking a car to work, while jogging daily for the regular exercise that I didn’t get with a car.

When I finally did start biking again, due to bad knees from running, it was like I had come home again. I was truly back in my element. But I was also quickly reminded of some of the common obstacles to carefree biking that had plagued me and many others. How do you:

  1. Store your bike conveniently when space is limited in an apartment or garage?
  2. Keep your bike (investment) safe when bike theft is at an all-time high?
  3. Transport your bike to the best trails without getting it wet and dirty with road grit?

The solution to the first two problems was to change the shape of the bike—to make any bike easier to store against a wall. So I scoured the world for accessories that would do this, including the THINstem from Canada and an interchangeable family of pop-off pedals from Taiwan. My wife and I could now quickly flatten our own bikes and store them securely inside in convenient places. And with that unique perspective, Flatbike, Inc. was born to share the magic.

And yet, even a flattened bike still is long and awkward to transport. You need either a big vehicle or extra equipment so you can drive around with valuable stuff outside your car, leading to the third big problem. How do you transport your bike easily and safely to your favorite riding places?

We’re not talking about small-wheel folding bikes that collapse down and fit in a commercial airliner. We’re talking about high-end, full-size bikes that we like to ride.

Enter the CHANGE bike.

Built rugged.

Made for everyone from commuters to the most technical single-track riders.

Folds in half for portability in cars, RVs, buses or boats.

We had found the solution to our (and probably also your) problems.

Today, from a small shop in Kirkland, Washington, we have satisfied customers on five continents, meeting the space needs of urban cyclists, outdoor-loving RV owners, truckers, boaters, private pilots, and more. And since Flatbike customers love to send us pictures and accounts of their adventures, we get to share in the excitement of what folks can do when their bike is more convenient.

Come ride with us!

Bob Forgrave
Founder and president, Flatbike, Inc.

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