Which bike is right for you?

The CHANGE 812 full-size folding bike (MTB)Unlike most folding bikes, a full-size folder is a no-compromises, everyday bike. Then it FOLDS IN HALF to fit conveniently into Uber trunks, elevators, stairwells, metro trains, apartments, office cubicles—places where a typical bike gets in the way.

Flatbike currently offers four models of folding full-size bikes and numerous accessories to help make biking easier. What would make your life easier? All bikes come in multiple frame sizes, include pop-off pedals, and fold down to 37″ x 15″ x 30″ or smaller.

CHANGE 809 folding urban MTB (27.5″)

It’s got the front shocks of a mountain bike, but the tires are pure street-ready. Ready for what? Unimproved roads, potholes, dirt trails, curbs . . . the everyday stuff you encounter when your roads are less than perfect. Plus, with 1.5″ non-knobby tires, this more economical version of the professional CHANGE 812 is ideal for heavier riders who will be doing a lot of street riding.

Usage: Roads, loose grave, dirt trails

  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • MTB triple-crank gearing (Shimano 27 speeds)
  • 27.5″ road wheels with wide tires (1.5″ traction)
  • Mechanical disc brakes and front shocks
  • Available in arctic blue (shown) or pine green
  • MTB ruggedness certified: ISO-1420

CHANGE 811 folding rugged hybrid (27.5″)

Can a folding bike handle trails, ascents and descents and heavy loads? This full-size foldable bike can. The CHANGE 611 rugged foldable hybrid bike can handle everything from multi-day touring to gravel roads and city potholes, so if you like to ride in a variety of places, this bike gives you the freedom to explore.
Usage: Roads, loose gravel, dirt trails

  • Light weight (27 lbs)
  • MTB triple-crank gearing (Shimano 27 speeds)
  • Disc brakes
  • 27.5” wheels with wide road tires (1.5”)
  • Available in black, pine green, or arctic blue (all have a black matte monocoque carbon fork)
  • MTB ruggedness certified: ISO-4210


There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom as you cruise along on a full-size, light weight bike with great gearing. And yet, The CHANGE 702 delivers even more; it folds up at either end of your commute, going from living space to riding space to work space with ease. It’s the full-size bike that fits in apartments, car trunks, trains, elevators, cubicles, or wherever your busy life takes you.

CHANGE 812 folding mountain bike (27.5″)

The CHANGE 812 offers the characteristics of a rugged, mid-range hard-tail mountain bike, with the added advantage of maximum portability and convenience. It can fit in the backseat or trunk of your car, yet it’s tough enough for the most challenging terrains. Where will you ride?

Usage: Anywhere (but not long road rides)

  • Light weight (27 lbs)
  • MTB gearing (Shimano 20 speeds)
  • Fox Performance 32 Float air front shocks
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Internal cabling
  • 27.5” wheels with 2.1” knobby tires
  • Available in pine green (shown) and arctic blue
  • MTB ruggedness certified: ISO-4210

Flatbike Century folding road bike

The Flatbike Century folding road bike is designed for comfortable, 100-mile rides. It starts with a light weight, double-butted aluminum frame and monocoque carbon fork–both ruggedness tested–then adds the components you expect on a quality road bike: 2 x 11 Shimano 105 gearing, 700c wheels with 28mm Continental Gatorskin tires, carbon seat bost, Salsa gel cork tape grip. And then… it folds in half to fit in cars, cubicles, or closets. And it folds flat, to go up stairways, fit against walls, or even behind a door. This is a road bike that goes places!

Usage: Roads, packed gravel trails

  • Lightest weight (22 lbs)
  • Shimano 2 x 11 105 gearing (22 speeds)
  • Includes folding stem and pop-off pedals
  • 700c road wheels with efficient road tires (28mm)
  • Road ruggedness certified: EN-14781

With or without a CHANGE bike, we also offer components that can make your biking experience more enjoyable. Among others, these include:

Pop-off SPD Pedals
Pop-off MTB Pedals

Pop-off Pedals

Pop-off pedals give you a flatter profile when storing your bike and helps you avoid catching your shins in your apartment, garage, or cubicle. It takes only seconds to remove them or put them on your bicycle. They’re also great if you share a bike and one person likes toe cages and the other one doesn’t, or maybe you like one pedal type for long, smooth rides and the other for unpredictable trails.

Usage: For any bike, anytime.

  • Standard threaded for any crank
  • Removable in seconds to save space (or your shins)
  • Available in flat pedals, MTB pedals, and SPD pedals
  • Interchangeable in seconds

Folding Stems

Folding Stems

This is a great add-on when you don’t have enough width for the handlebars. In keeping with Flatbike’s mission, echoed in its name, this add-on stem pivots handlebars 90 degrees in seconds with no tool so your bike can easily fit against a wall.

NOTE: These replace “threadless” stems. If your bike is older, and has a “quill” stem instead, you’ll need a threadless adapter first.

Usage: For any bike of matching handlebar size

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