Folding Mtn Frame (27.5″ wheels)

Build the perfect rugged foldaway bike.


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Folding frame for MTB or rugged hybrid use.

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Availability note: We are nearly out of these, but resupply is currently enroute from Changebike, with availability expected the first week of June.

You know what components you’d like on your ideal MTB. But first, you need the perfect frame to put them on. A CHANGE 833 folding mountain bike frame is a light, 5.5 lb aluminum hardtail frame with a superpower–it folds in half in seconds. So any car trunk can transport your bike out to the trails. And after your day on the mountain, you can enjoy your dinner and trail stories in peace, knowing that nobody is messing with your bike in the dark parking lot because it’s safely tucked away from view.

This double-butted, TIG-welded 7005-aluminum frame is the only folding frame in the world that’s certified for toughness and durability (ISO-4210). Your frame includes:

  • Frame with folding latches installed (under the seat, under the bottom bracket) and 31.6mm seat post latch.
  • Standard threaded pedals with a quick pop-off function — Choose among flat, SPD, MTB, or mini-MTB (which accepts cages)
  • Headset: Press-fit. Top:1-1/8″,Bottom:1.5″
  • Derailleur hanger
  • Carry bag
  • Warranty card

Compatible with threaded 68mm bottom bracket, such as Shimano BB52

NOTE (FORK): This is the same frame used for the CHANGE 811 folding rugged hybrid (with carbon fork) and CHANGE 812 folding mountain bike (with shock fork). Fork purchased separately. Either type of fork is appropriate for this frame, as long as it is a tapered steerer, and a “mountain bike” style fork.

What bike are you going to build?


  1. Folding a full-size bike down into a trunk-sized 36 inches is awesome.
  2. You can stow away and protect your bike from tampering and theft after riding.
  3. There’s absolutely no need for a bumper or roof rack.
  4. Indoor storage makes shielding your bike from the elements easy.
  5. It comes with a handy carrying bag that also protects car seats and interior.
  6. It’s compatible with industry-standard components, so you can build your ideal bike.


FRAME: Double-butted 7005 aluminum. Internally routed cabling.

ISO 4210 certified reliability.

Size/Color 17″,19″,21″/Dark Green or Black
Frame Aerospace-Grade Aluminum 7005 Double Butted,Taiwan Made
Seat Post Φ31.6mm
Headset Semi-integrated,Top:1-1/8″,Bottom:1.5″
BB Length 68mm
Weight 2.5kg

27.5MTB changebike size

Fold a CHANGE frame

Unfold a CHANGE frame

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