Pop-off pedals for use with SPD shoes

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Pop-off pedals for use with SPD shoes


SPD pop-off pedals


Flatbike Guarantee

These are the pedals that customers and bike show booth visitors have been asking for since early 2017. Now they’re finally in stock.

These pop-off pedals use the same Wellgo quick-removal system as our other Wellgo pedals–different, more rounded latch, but the same internal system. This means that you can swap between SPD and flats, or SPD and MTB pedals, literally in seconds, with no tools.

NOTE: All CHANGE bikes already come with one set of standard pop-off pedals as standard equipment. When ordering a bike, if you want a second set, of whatever type, add it in your cart. If you want a different set, like these INSTEAD of flats, when ordering a bike, just mention “SPD swap-out” in the ordering notes. We’ll do a one-for-one swap out and install this set, ignoring the cost difference.



  1. Just like regular SPD pedals, but these can get swapped out for flats in seconds.
  2. Results in a narrower bike footprint than with regular or even folding pedals.
  3. Saves your shins from scraping when you are walking your bike.
  4. When used with a folding stem, allows for more bikes carried on a bike rack


MATERIAL: 3D forged steel shaft, aluminum alloy

WEIGHT: 245 g (TBD)

USAGE: SPD shoes

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