Pop-Off Flat Pedals



  • 2 Wellgo pop-off flat pedals


  • A standard-size pedal, this is the smallest, lightest pop-off pedal.
  • Results in a narrower bike footprint than with regular or even folding pedals.
  • Saves your shins from scraping when you are walking your bike.
  • Switch back and forth between MTB and other pop-off pedal types (MTB, SPD)

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Weight0.8 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 2 in

Pop-Off Flat Pedals

Pop-Off pedals for everyday biking

These are standard flat pedals–the expected size, shape, and ruggedness of typical bike pedals. But these are anything but typical. In just seconds, you can remove them to make your bike less unwieldy. You’ve got nothing scratching your car or other bikes during transport, nothing grabbing the floor of your car as you pull your bike out, and nothing clonking you in the shins as you walk your bike. 

You don’t even need any tools. The secret is in the quick-release latches. Pull out to insert and release the pedal.

NOTE: All CHANGE full-size folding bikes already come with one set of flat pop-off pedals as standard equipment. When ordering a bike, if you want a second set, of whatever type, add it to your cart.

NOTE #2: All pop-off pedals fit with all bike cranks. During COVID supply challenges, individual sets like this are the original QRD latches, while complete bikes and Flatten Your Bike kits get the newer QRD2 latches. Both latches and all pedals are compatible.

MATERIAL3D forged steel shaft, aluminum alloy
WEIGHT325 g total, set of two