Pop-Off Flat Pedals
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Wellgo pop-off pedals


Flatbike Guarantee

Once you fold your handlebars out of the way with a folding stem, your bike is as wide as its pedals. These quick-removing Wellgo pedals come off in seconds without any tools, so you can fit your bike in less space for storage or transportation.

NOTE: All CHANGE bikes already come with one set of pop-off pedals as standard equipment. If you want a second set, such as one set for toe cages/straps and one without, this type of pedal is identical, uses the same locking mechanism, and is fully compatible with toe cages/straps.



  1. Results in a narrower bike footprint than with regular or even folding pedals.
  2. Saves your shins from scraping when you are walking your bike.
  3. When used with a folding stem, allows for more bikes carried on a bike rack.
  4. Allows use of toe straps for more efficient cycling.


MATERIAL: 3D forged steel shaft, aluminum alloy

WEIGHT: 245 g

USAGE: MTB or road

The easy way to put on toe cages