When your everyday bike folds in half, magic happens.


October 18th 2022

A sporty bike that folds in half goes more places. It gets used more. And it’s a better investment in whatever you need your bike to do.

Folding Adventure Bike unfolded and folded

Imagine a bicycle that goes from rugged riding to easy portability in under a minute. Then look below to see how that’s possible.

We realize that folding a rugged bike in half with no tools in under a minute is a rather spectacular claim, so here’s how it’s done.

Why would I care about folding my bike?

The more interesting part is Why.  Why fold a bike if you don’t absolutely need to? After all, there are gizmos for sticking full-size bikes on the outside of cars…

Because it’s so convenient for so many people:

  • Urban riders can now keep a bike in a small apartment, even if that includes an elevator or stair climb.
  • Suburban riders can save money by driving partway to the office in any car (with rack or not) and then biking in and not paying monthly parking.
  • Truckers and RVers can fit convenient secondary transportation (and exercise) behind a seat or in a compartment.
  • Private pilots can put two bikes where one used to go and take a companion to remote airfields.

And nobody ever needs a car rack to hang off the car and expose your bike to easy theft. Hear that, mountain bikers?

Speaking of real mountain biking, check this out…

Where do CHANGE bikes come from?

This portable adventure is made possible by the ruggedness-certified (ISO-4210) full-size folding CHANGE frame and the bikes built around it.

At Flatbike, we prep and sell CHANGE bikes from Changebike Ltd in Taiwan, and increasingly build our own bike models around the CHANGE frame in the Pacific Northwest US. All bikes fold in under a minute and include pop-off pedals, a carry bag, and a Flatbike seat bag for pedals or phone. We even sell CHANGE frames directly, so you can build your own dream bike.

Which full-size folding bike is right for you?

General all-terrain riding.

If you’re a fan of flat bars, not leaning over much, and exploring new places with low maintenance, the CHANGE Folding Adventure Bike is the choice for you.   It combines industry-standard 700c wheels with road-shock-absorbing 38mm tires that are as good on trails as on pavement. And then… simplified Shimano  1 x 11 gearing with a massive 51-tooth sprocket for a low gear, to even out even the steepest hills, and a solid carbon fork keep the weight down in a rugged way. We even have Tannus Armour inserts to protect against goathead thorns.

CHANGE folding adventure bike unfolded          CHANGE folding adventure bike folded



Or, if you’re a more aggressive rider, leaning into the wind as you fly through crunchy singletrack on 700c wheels, the CHANGE Road Warrior Folding Gravel Bike is for you. Available in with hydraulic disc brake in two models–with Shimano GRX 1×11 or 2×11 gearing–or a 2×11 Shimano 105 derailleur with mechanical disc brake, this has everything you expect of a top gravel bike . . . plus the ability to actually get it easily to safe trails in your car!

CHANGE folding gravel bike unfoldedCHANGE folding gravel bike folded


Suspension street riding.

Some roads and trails are fun, but really hard on the wrists. Potholes. Roots. Portions of the road/trail that were likely paved in recent history, not not really now. For this, we have the CHANGE 809 folding street MTB. Yes, it has mountain bike in the name, but it combines wide street tires on 27.5″ wheels with front suspension to keep your wrists happy even through the roughest riding. 3×9 Shimano Deore gearing.

                                   CHANGE folding street MTB unfolded                   CHANGE folding street MTB folded


Rugged mountain riding.

Muddy trails. Rocky areas that might be trails. Wherever you feel the urge to explore off the beaten track, the CHANGE 812 folding off-road MTB is built for you. The 2×10 Shimano Deore drivetrain is geared low for climbing, including a 42-tooth sprocket. The 2.2″ knobby tires on 27.5″ Mavic wheels grab rocks and dirt uphill and downhill, while the FOX Performance 32 air shocks and hydraulic brakes control your descent at any speed.

                                   CHANGE folding of-road MTB unfolded                   CHANGE folding off-road MTB unfolded



Build your own dream bike.

You know exactly what you want. And you want to carry it easily in a car, elevator, stairway, or RV cubbyhole. It all starts here.

The CHANGE 833 folding MTB frame is the same frame we use. It’s built for rugged use and an MTB-sized fork (with or without suspension). Available in matte black, pine green, or arctic blue.

CHANGE folding MTB frame - Matte BlackCHANGE folding MTB frame - Pine GreenCHANGE folding MTB frame - Arctic Blue

Six Frequently Asked Bike Questions.

Do you make these?
They are designed and manufactured by Changebike, Ltd in Taiwan. Flatbike represents CHANGE bikes in North America (and often beyond) and designs and builds new models based on CHANGE frames in Kirkland,Washington.

What’s the warranty like?
Five years on the frame (which Flatbike extends to a lifetime warranty). One year on components.

How much assembly is needed when I get it?
Re-mount the handlebars with the 4 small bolts. Attach seat, pedals and front wheel by hand. You’re done!

How much is shipping?
FREE in the US & Canada. Discounted rates in rest of world. Check your country by adding a bike to your cart, entering your postal code, and selecting Calculate Shipping.

How long after my order until my bike arrives?
Typically one week in the US and Canada. We do a 16-point quality check and prep, then ship it by ground from the Seattle area.

Can we stay in touch by social media?
Absolutely. We are on Facebook and Instagram.


Bob Forgrave


Bob Forgrave is president of Flatbike, an
ecommerce company offering full-size folding bikes
and kits to make any bike take up half the space.

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  1. Billy says:

    I’m 5’11. I’m looking for a road bike folding frame, but I don’t see a storefront anywhere.
    I’m also located in Toronto, Canada.

    How much would it be to purchase and ship a folding frame from your store?

    • Bob Forgrave says:

      Thanks for the question, Billy! Flatbike ships bikes, frames, and accessories anywhere in the US and Canada for free (except for local taxes). So the price is just what you see listed for any product.

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