You’ve got the bike of your dreams. You go on exhilarating rides together.

And then, when the ride is over, your bike stakes claim to 15 square feet of your valuable floor space. We can fix that.

All you need are the components to flatten your bike in seconds, with no tools.

Flatten your handlebars

ISO-certified to mountain bike standards, a folding THINstem can turn any wall into a convenient place for bike storage.

With hybrids, mountain bikes, and even road bikes, your handlebars take up the most space.

But not if they turn 90 degrees with a THINstem! This folding stem replaces a ‘threadless stem’ that clamps around your steerer tube, gripping your handlebars.
It installs in minutes with just a hex wrench.

For 1″ (25.4mm) diameter handlebars, THINstem is available in a 90mm (3.5″) length. Weight is only 315 grams.

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For 1-1/4″ (31.8mm) oversize handlebars, THINstem is available in a 70mm (2.75″) length. Weight is 330 grams.

Flatten your Pedals

Discover the next step beyond folding pedals. Pop-off pedals are more rugged, more interchangeable, and more able to get out of your way.

Pop-off pedals combine a pedal on patented quick-release shaft with a latch/lock combo that screws into any bike crank arm.

These pedals come in a set, are interchangeable, and ship standard with any CHANGE folding full-size bike we ship.

Pop-off SPD pedals are often used in both road and MTB conditions. Swap out quickly.

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Pop-off flat pedals are used on hybrid and road bikes. They are available in red or black.

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Pop-off MTB pedals feature raised studs for extra traction in wet, muddy, or twisting riding.

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The finishing touch

What's left after folding stems and pop-off pedals? The option to put it all together in convenient ways.

When you’re stopped, the rigid and water resistant Flatbike seat bag is the perfect place to store pop-off pedals. And when you’re riding, it’s a great place for your phone.

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Getting both a THINstem and pop-off pedals? Save with a Flatten Your Bike kit for Road or MTB.

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Frequently Asked Component Questions

Do you make these?

With the exception of the Flatbike bags and kits, these components are designed by Revelo in Canada and Wellgo in Taiwan.

Why do you carry these?

We look worldwide for unique products that solve common problems, so we can make biking easier.

Would you also carry...(other product)?

Does it uniquely solve a common problem? Let us know!

How much is shipping?

FREE in the US & Canada. Discounted rates in rest of world. Check your country by adding a bike to your cart, entering your postal code, and selecting Calculate Shipping.

How long after my order until my pedals/stem arrive?

Typically four days in the US and Canada. We ship daily by air from the Seattle area.

Can we stay in touch by social media?

Absolutely. We are on Facebook and Instagram.