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Flatten Your Bike Kit

Store Your Bike Easily





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Flatten Your Bike Kit

Store Your Bike Easily

The Flatten Your Bike kit combines a folding THINstem with a set of pop-off pedals. Once these are installed, your bike will remain rugged and ridable, yet can become as narrow as your rear wheel any time you need it to for storage— in the garage, shed, hallway, walkway, cubicle, spare bedroom…any place a full-width bike is inconvenient.

Installation is as easy as swapping out your existing pedals and the threadless stem.

Before ordering a Flatten Your Bike kit, you will need to know three things:

1. Do you have a threadless stem?

A threadless stem is one that connects to your fork by gripping the outside of it. If you do not currently have a threadless stem, you will need a threadless stem adapter to use this kit.

2. What is the diameter of your handlebars where they go into the stem?

It will be either 1 inch or 1.25 inches.

3. What pedals do you want?

1″ stems are paired with flat pedals, but 1.25″ stems can have either flat or MTB pedals.

Park your existing bike in less space between rides.

Conveniently store your bike in a garage, hallway, room, or cubicle.

Park your bike indoors to reduce rust and extend the useful life of your bike.

Put more bikes on a bike rack, without risk of pedals scratching frames.


Passed ISO 4210
The 1.25” THINstem is 70mm long. The 1” THINstem is 90mm long.
The 1.25” THINstem fits a 1.25” handlebar (usually with a bulge in the center). The 1” THINstem fits a 1” handlebar.
Flat pop-off pedals are 2.75” x 3.5”. MTB pop-off pedals are 4” x 4”.
Both THINstems are designed for a 1 1/8” fork steerer tube (or similarly sized threadless adapter).
THINstem (320g), Flat pop-off pedals (324g) / MTB pop-off pedals (442g)
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